NASA Harvest Field Boundary Detection Challenge
Can you detect field boundaries for Rwandan smallholder farmers in a satellite image dataset?
$5 000 USD
Ended 22 days ago
183 active · 724 enrolled
Earth Observation
Connect · 27 Feb 2023, 09:01 · 10

Wow, what a comp. I am really glad it is over, even though it was so nice.

Congratulations to @ASSAZZIN and @Muhamed_Tuo who reached the peak of this mountain :-) Also congratulations to @HungryLearner for a phenomenal last minute performance.

Then, thank you very much to @Moto and @WhyNot - it was absolutely the best to compete with you in a team. Thanks @Zindi for hosting this tricky one.

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A great challenge indeed !!! Congratulations to everyone.

27 Feb 2023, 12:56
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"Wow" really is the right word to describe this challenge. So much fights and comebacks. I enjoyed every bit of it. Congratulations to you guys, you definitely gave us a scare 😅.

27 Feb 2023, 13:18
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He he, you were so far ahead, it looked as if you retired early.

Then we got @WhyNot and things changed quite a bit. Between him and @Moto we had a formidable answer to your earlier efforts, but, I have to admit, you made a *huge* comeback and also teamed up with some very very strong competitors @ASSAZZIN. Congrats!

Yes it was nice - this really has a way of stretching one to the max, but in a good way. Even in the end you maintained a respectable lead, so you must have done something right that all others missed. Again - congratulations!

😸 oh, I surely hadn't retired. I was exploring other ideas, since I was starting to see the limit of my approach.

But seing your team make a big jump and catch up, I pivoted to a complete new approach. That's how I was able to break the 0.41 tally at first and then 0.42 . With a massive effort from my teammate @ASSAZZIN, we started to push toward 0.43. The gap at the end and on the private LB is mainly due to him.

Congratulations to all participants! This was an an interesting problem, and I am curious to learn from writeups of all winners willing to share!

27 Feb 2023, 13:33
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Congratulations folks @skaak..though it is kind of frustating to end up in the 4th postition...great effort was done by @hasan_n

I am wondering about the next step:

Shall we submit the weightfile or will Zindi train the code at their end?

27 Feb 2023, 16:35
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Congrats - to get 4th is real achievement. Of course, I wish we could be #1 also, but nowadays the competition is so strong to be in top 10 even is good.

I think you have to submit code to zindi so they can reproduce your solution, so weightfile is not enough.

i see..thank you @skaak

looking forward to our next competition

Again, you have to realise: you guys did really well! Congratulations. Are you all from same uni? It is real nice to compete in a team like you did. You learn so much from your buddies in the team. And I see this was your first! competition. Amazing performance. So I do look forward to our next competition, but I will have to keep an eye on you! If you are #4 in first competition, perhaps you win next one!

thank you @skaak for your nice words..

we are all from the GEOAI research group: