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Countries removed
published 21 Mar 2020, 12:01

Why is the following countries being removed:

"Congo (Brazzaville)", "Eswatini", "Gambia, The", "Kosovo" , "Montenegro"

Hi. If you look again at the sample submission, you will see that they are still there. The only one that was removed in the new list is Kosovo, which was an oversight on our part when reconciling the WHO list of countries and the JHU list of countries. We will unfortunately need to drop Kosovo from the projections, as we will not change the country list for the remainder of the competition.

Just to confirm Zindi....are we only working with 209 countries for the remainder of the competition?

Awesome. Thanks for the prompt response

Hello Zindi. As at April 06, there are 209 countries in the submission file and 184 countries available in JHU data. For the remaining countries without JHU data i.e cases and deaths, are we to make the targets 0 before submitting?

We'll only consider countries that have non-zero deaths at the close of the submissions (19 April), so it's fine to put 0s for the rest. We used the full list so that things didn't need to be changed as much as new countries appeared in the JHU data.