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published 26 Mar 2020, 05:58
edited 1 minute later

The data structure of the tables in the repository has changed.

How soon can I expect a notebooks to show how the list of countries for predictions is generated?

Will it be changed at all?

Will the data from the old format be replaced by the new one?

When can this be expected?

---DEPRICATED WARNING--- The files below will no longer be updated. With the release of the new data structure, we are updating our time series tables to reflect these changes. Please reference time_series_covid19_confirmed_global.csv and time_series_covid19_deaths_global.csv for the latest time series data. time_series_19-covid-Confirmed.csv time_series_19-covid-Deaths.csv time_series_19-covid-Recovered.csv

The notebook has been updated and should be shared shortly, along with this week's updated files. The only required changes were changing the filename and accounting for the naming of Niger, Laos and Syria. I'm sure Zindi will chime in here when the updated files are live.

The leaderboard and datasets have been updated.