Radiant Earth Spot the Crop Challenge
Based on time-series of Sentinel-2 satellite images can you classify crop types in South Africa?
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South Africa
Earth Observation
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Notebooks · 6 Oct 2021, 12:14 · 5

Hi, Zindi!

I was very glad to participate in this wonderful competition. Thank you very much for organizing it!

Thanks to the participants who made so much serious competition and made me work hard 😅

I posted my solution on github: https://github.com/sweetlhare/Radiant-Solution

If there are any questions, write in this thread, I will answer. The main thing that is in the solution: converting images into plates and calculating vegetation indices, various engineering features and the use of geo-signs, the use of CatBoostClassifier and powerful LightAutoML.

If my solution was useful for you, put a ⭐️!

From Russia with love,

Your DS

P.S. now I'm thinking of traveling to Africa, I liked participating with you so much!)

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Thanks for sharing

6 Oct 2021, 12:37
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Yes!!!!!! Also used catboost so I'll need to visit Russia.

6 Oct 2021, 12:43
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Welcome! Russia is glad to see you)

Thank you for sharing!!!

6 Oct 2021, 12:48
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Thanks for sharing, but I'm wondering you used LightAutoML and I thought Automl is not permitted right?

6 Oct 2021, 21:39
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