Runmila AI Institute & minoHealth AI Labs Tuberculosis Classification via X-Rays Challenge
2000 Zindi Points
Build an AI system that can classify Tuberculosis and Normal X-Ray images
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HealthClassificationComputer VisionImageSDG3
14 August 2020—15 November 2020
94 days
Sealed Leaderboard
published 10 Dec 2020, 07:11

Dear Zindians,

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed the solutions to this challenge. The leaderboard has been sealed and points distributed.

Please note that when the challenge closes we send an email to the top 20 Zindians on the private leaderboard requesting for their code for review. We request the top 20 in case someone in the top 10 drops due to disqualification, not submitting their code or their code not matching their score. This email is sent within 24 hours of the close of the challenge, so please watch your inboxes!

We are really impressed at the quality of solutions that we are receiving from the community and its great to see how your solutions and documentation is improving with every challenge!

Please remember to include a requirements file or specify your package versions. This can disrupt the leaderboard, especially when the scores are so close, and could lead to your disqualification if we can't match your score during code review.

We would recommend that you treat this code review as if you are submitting your code to a client, because in a way, you are! Remember that we send your solution 'as is' to the client, so be sure to think about file names, order of files and folders, setting file paths, etc.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated, we're proud of everyone in our amazing community!

The Zindi team