Runmila AI Institute & minoHealth AI Labs Tuberculosis Classification via X-Rays Challenge
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Build an AI system that can classify Tuberculosis and Normal X-Ray images
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HealthClassificationComputer VisionImageSDG3
14 August 2020—15 November 2020
94 days
First Place Solution
published 10 Dec 2020, 15:14

Hello fellow contestants, representing team SidiSahbi3.0 , this is the First place solution for this competition:


Guys, I am not that good in Github - I can't load program from it. Is it possible to represent it in easy to copy format?

try cloning the repo to your local dosn't load from my end also

Thanks - I'll try

The notebook 'Densenet201_098.ipynb' isn't opening, it keeps throwing errors even after cloning the repo, or am the only one experiencing this?

Congratulations on your results, and thank you for sharing!