Sendy Logistics Challenge
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Predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for motorbike deliveries in Nairobi
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23 August 2019—26 November 2019
95 days

Logistics in Sub-Saharan Africa increases the cost of manufactured goods by up to 320%; while in Europe, it only accounts for up to 90% of the manufacturing cost.

Economies are better when logistics is efficient and affordable.

Sendy, in partnership with insight2impact facility, is hosting a Zindi challenge to predict the estimated time of delivery of orders, from the point of driver pickup to the point of arrival at final destination.

The solution will help Sendy enhance customer communication and improve the reliability of its service; which will ultimately improve customer experience. In addition, the solution will enable Sendy to realise cost savings, and ultimately reduce the cost of doing business, through improved resource management and planning for order scheduling.

Sendy helps men and women behind every type of business to trade easily, deliver more competitively, and build extraordinary businesses.

“We believe in them; we believe that logistics should be an enabler for them to achieve their goals, rather than a hindrance. We believe that everyone should be able to participate and thrive in the economy and that no small business should be left out because the cost of logistics is either too high or inaccessible.”

Data is a critical component in helping Sendy to build more efficient, affordable and accessible solutions. Given the details of a Sendy order, can we use historic data to predict an accurate time for the arrival of the rider at the destination of a package? In this competition, we’re challenging you to build a model that predicts an accurate delivery time, from picking up a package to arriving at the final destination. An accurate arrival time prediction will help all businesses to improve their logistics and communicate an accurate time to their customers.

This competition is being hosted by Sendy and insight2impact.

About Sendy(

Sendy is a business-to-business platform established in 2014, to enable businesses of all types and sizes to transport goods more efficiently across East Africa.

The company is headquartered in Kenya with a team of more than 100 staff, focused on building practical solutions for Africa’s dynamic transportation needs, from developing apps and web solutions, to providing dedicated support for goods on the move.

Currently operating in Kenya and Uganda, Sendy is expanding to Nigeria and Tanzania, to enable thousands more businesses to move volumes of goods easily, anywhere, at any time. Sendy aggregates a pool of delivery options from 28 ton, 14 ton, 5 ton trucks to pick up trucks, vans and motorcycles.

“At Sendy, we’re on a mission to change the lives of everyone we touch; from patients who rely on regular medicine at the local pharmacy to farmers who urgently need to move their produce to silos, we are offering a service that African companies can depend on. We are building a platform to tackle logistic challenges that business across Africa face on a day to day basis.”

About insight2impact(

insight2impact (i2i) is a resource centre supporting the use of data for decision-making, with a focus on financial and economic inclusion. i2i is hosted by FinMark Trust and Cenfri and funded by the Gates Foundation in partnership with The Mastercard Foundation.