Sendy Logistics Challenge
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Predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for motorbike deliveries in Nairobi
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23 August 2019—26 November 2019
Additional data sets
published 26 Aug 2019, 06:23
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Dear Zindians,

We have added an open-source dataset to this competition.

If you would like to use another data set please may you send it to so we can review it before publishing it on Zindi.

Good luck!


Is it legal to use ? Its a twin brother of

Can we use Google Distance Matrix API?

I've played with using their API for this chalenge. But you need a Google account with linked payment method, and the data isn't 'free' if you're going over the rate limit. Not sure whether this will exclude it from this contest. Also, it feels a little like cheating to use Google's time estimates - we're trying to re-create that after all :)

Think the Zindi folks will get back to us soon - then we'll know.

Hi Yana_SPD,

Unfortunately you cannot use the Google Distance Matrix API. Thank you for checking with us!

Can you explain why? Because Google API and ArcGis API returns the same values: distance between points and time estimation, but Google API is much more comfortable to use.

Google API and ArcGis API (which is legal in this competition) are common in their responsibilities

To use the ArcGIS API is free to use, however you need a linked payment method to use the Google API.

Arcgis API has a seriuos limitations in number of request what is not enough for extraction of all needed data from train and test. How can we deal with that?

Hi Yana_SPD,

Can you share with us the limitations you are hitting in the number of requests that you are experiencing? Feel free to post here, or if you have more detailed information you can send it to us directly at and we will help take care of the issue.

With an account to the Africa GeoPortal we provide each user with 500 credits to use the services, but if you run out you can email us about what you are doing and we can refresh you account with more credit at no cost.

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Hi There, can we use HERE api to derive any geospatial features?

Also, when you say we can use ARCGis API, can we use any of their api service? Like Traffic analysis/routing/demographic/finding near-by etc..? Or is there any restriction?

Yes, you may use HERE API as long you are only using their free services.

You may use all API services on ARCGis as long as they are publically available.