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How to integrate ArcGIS spatial data
published 6 Sep 2019, 07:11

Please I’m not famair with GIS, how do we integrate ArcGIS spatial data? The link directing is to instructions returns Access Denied after signing up. How can we use the spatial data in our modeling.

check the discussion under mobile money challenge i dropped a link to a video where you can navigate through the arcgis interface and how to get more data.

Hello Eniola, thank you for your response. Yes, I have viewed the tutorial and I’m able to navigate. I have only been able to extract population from enrich dataset.

I‘m lost on extracting useful features like road curvature, speed limits, traffic data, land use, Distance to some landmarks.

Please, can you guide me on navigating through this, I’m able to view all these on map but I’m not familiar extracting to CSV.

I have the same issue, can anyone help with tips or guidelines? And one more issue: I'm have run out of credits and can't do nothing with trial subscription.

Related to the second issue, Zindi has post on how to extend ArcGIS trial, check it !