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Difficulty in using ArcGis
published 29 Sep 2019, 03:10

I'm currently trying to extract features from the ArcGis platform, but I'm unable. I've got problem with tags.

On putting 'sendy', 'logistics' and 'nairobi' as tags, I get the error:

'Service name unavailable. A published service with this name already exists within the organization. Service names must be unique within organization. Please use a different name'

It's not the tag that's causing your problem. Your service name is already used. You must be keeping the default name? train or whatever, change it to something unique.

Thanks. I'd try it

Hello Blenz,

I’m having difficulty understanding how to use ArcGIS, as this is my first time interacting with GIS. Please do you have any links to helpful tutorials for learning it for the Sendy Challenge.

Hello DamolaOr, if you check through the discussions made in the Tanzania mobile money challenge, you'd find out the Olaleye Eniola made twotwo YouTube videos on how to extract features using

Hello Femi,

Thank you for the recommendation. I have checeked the two videos, but I was looking for extra videos on going beyond enriching datasets in ArcGIS that Eniola showed. Thanks

Hi, I've also watched Eniola's videos on ArcGIS, other than that, i have tried on my own to use ArcGIS with no success. What you can do though, is create a csv with all your pickup points, and another csv with all your destination points ( lat + long ) , and follow the video's instruction on how to load your points in the map. Then you can do analysis for dataset enrichment.

Hello Blenz,

Thank you for this. I will explore dataset enrichment analysis.

I just created an ArcGis account. ArcGis keeps telling me I'm outta credits, even though I haven't used the service for any data enrichment yet. Any help?