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ArcGIS api outputs wrong distance
published 10 Nov 2019, 14:35

I tried to use ArcGIS to get travel distance between two points as described here:

I took 'Pickup Lat', 'Pickup Long','Destination Lat', 'Destination Long' from train data set with index 38:

'-1.3331402,36.8925275; -1.3793096000000002,36.931042100000006'

The output of ArcGIS api for 'Total_Kilometers' is; 2.5671758892202243

While actual distance is train[['Distance (KM)']].iloc[38]: 9

I also checked on Google Maps the distance is 8.0 kms:,36.8925275/'-1.3793096000000002,36.931042100000006'/

It’s longitude before latitude. Just change the order

Thank you, thierno, now it's correct

Hi Sandm,

I tried to use the link you provided to get the distance between points using ArcGIS, but getting error "User does not have permissions to access 'world/route.mapserver'. "

Did you face this issue or do you have any idea how to solve this?? Thanks in advance