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The same score
published 11 Nov 2019, 10:27

I don't want to blame anyone but I've just noticed that the 3rd and the 4th places had the same score right up to the last (12th!) decimal place some hours ago.

What is the probability to get such coincidence when we're talking about regression task?

link with the screenshot (

Hmm, but it is not the case anymore?

this is unacceptable..

Its mathematically possible but extremely rare..

Hi kss. Please respond to my request.

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we're a team ( we will merge soon enough ) , since making a team doesn't allow us to bring another team with us, we didn't form it earlier so we can still have the option of joining an already formed team.

What do you mean by "since making a team doesn't allow us to bring another team with us"

sometimes collaboration consists only of averaging submission files. We tested the scores, and now we're merging :) no private sharing.

if you make a team, and then decide to merge with another team , you can't do that right? you can only add people to your current team, but not a whole team?

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This discussion is futile unless we end up in separate teams at the end of the competition.

I quote : " Multiple accounts per user are not allowed. Collaboration across individuals not in the same team is not allowed. And collaboration across different teams that is not allowed."

What happened was the averaging of submission files. Next step is merger. Nothing to see here since we will be in a matter of hours in the same team.

" Collaboration across individuals not in the same team is not allowed " - as I understand, guys are not in the same team on the screenshot (there is no "team" sticker just 2 participants).

The rules say "Maximum 10 solutions per day". So there is opportunity to use 10x2 = 20 subs per day instead of 10 and use LB probing extensively.

Sorry, but this doesn't look good to me.

Okay I get you now. I think that shouldn't be a problem if your going to merge as a team.

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Dear Zindians,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Zindi is a community dedicated to growing data science talent and opportunities in Africa. We cannot do this without all of your help and commitment to preserving the integrity of this community and platform.

We have disqualified two users from this competition that were in violation of the rule: “Collaboration across individuals not in the same team is not allowed.”

As this is their first offence we will be disqualifying their account and submissions from this challenge only. In the future, if there is a repeat offense, an increasingly severe penalty may be applied.

Please take note that this is our stance on any violations of competition or platform rules, or other abuse of the platform.

Not trying to be a spoil sport but isn't this the same occurence. Same score, submitted roughly the same time?


700.9569855... 11 skalexch about 15 hours ago

700.9569855... 12 EPT_OUTLIERS about 15 hours ago