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months of the year
published 12 Nov 2019, 19:20

I am trying to get the month of the operation.

Month= ('Placement - Day of Month' - 'Placement - Weekday (Mo = 1)') % 7

So I can distinguish 7 months.

More explanation: for year=2019

if the first day of the month is Tuesday --> its January

second day of the month is Wednesday --> January

There is a problem with February and March because both of them start with a Friday.

Who can help me dealing with this problem.

Sendy has been using bikes since September 2014. There's no indication that the orders are from 2019. I'm guessing the data was deliberately anonymized to keep us from being able to determine the exact month and year.

I believe so too because that reason makes sense. But to build on Belazizs' point, one can intelligently guess the months then obtain an average of those months.