SFC PAYGo Solar Credit Repayment Competition
Can you predict PAYGo solar customer payments?
$5 000 USD
Ended over 1 year ago
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Use of leaked feature
Platform · 12 Aug 2021, 09:51 · edited 1 minute later · 6

Dear Zindians,

It has come to our attention that there is a leaked variable "LastPaymentDate". When selecting your submissions to be scored on the private leaderboard please select a submission that does not use this column as a feature.

Please note that any submissions using this variable will not be eligible to win prizes.

All the best for the last stretch of the competition and may the best model win!

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(-_-) (-_-) (-_-) (-_-)


12 Aug 2021, 10:04
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😄Now, thats an early shuffle.

12 Aug 2021, 10:42
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hahaha. hahaha. It's terrible!

@ZINDI so you had a hackathon and four month competition and then in the last 18 days it has come to your attention to the leaked variable ? Well atleast i suggest either increase the number of the remaining submissions or extend the deadline of the competition or both

All features created from LastPaymentDate and LastPayment itself must be deleted.

12 Aug 2021, 11:29
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is LastPaymentDate the only leaked variable?

15 Aug 2021, 19:48
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