Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Text Classification Challenge
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Classify text and documents by relevance to the 27 indicators of SDG #3 (Health and Well-Being)
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5 September 2018—13 November 2018

The aim of this competition is to classify text content by its relevance to the measurable indicators of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #3 – Health and Well-Being (SDG 3). Each SDG has several “targets”, or social outcomes that the UN hopes to achieve by 2030. Each of these targets is measured using a set of indicators. These indicators represent the quantitative measurements that will be used to judge whether each SDG target has been achieved or not by 2030.

SDG 3 has 14 targets and 27 indicators. The challenge of this competition will be to create a classifier that labels text content by the 27 SDG 3 indicators that are most “relevant.” The training data for this challenge includes approximately 3,000 web-scraped text from tenders, programs, and documents, as well as news articles about international development and humanitarian aid, and finally text descriptions of organizations involved in those sectors.

A model like this one that classifies text content by relevant SDG indicators would be used to help algorithmically identify development projects, organizations, and documents that relate to the same SDG targets and indicators. Such a tool would be useful for governments, development donors, and development implementers seeking to align resources, find partners, or perform outcomes-focused research.

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