Swahili News Classification
Can you create a classification algorithm to identify Swahili news articles by category?
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9 July 2020
Secret Code
published 22 Jul 2020, 17:36
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Would like to know how I can get the secret code to join. I'm interested in the problem

Edit: Seems it ignores the secret code anyway

You don't need a secret code to access this competition, now is a knowledge competition. You can access it without secret code.

I don't think so. Because it showing me that i must get a secret code to join the competition. And I am pretty sure the same is happening to others too, that's the reason for all these complaints especially from Nyakiba.


Zindi should please this if truly we're being permitted to learn from this challenge.

Hello, I have shared your challenge with zindi so that they solve this challenge as soon as they can.I'm so sorry for the problems you have been facing.

Hi @MICADEE, thanks for catching a bug on the platform! That message shouldn't be there, but if you refresh the page you'll see that you have joined the competition anyway. We're fixing the bug now :)

Yeah.. You're very right. I could see that I have joined now after refreshing it. Thanks a lot @Zindi