Uber Movement SANRAL Cape Town Challenge
$5,500 USD
Predict when and where road incidents will occur next in Cape Town
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South Africa
11 October 2019—10 February 2020
122 days
Starter Notebook
published 12 Oct 2019, 08:08

Hi everyone,

Hope you're enjoying the hackathon. I threw together a quick starting notebook to help anyone wanting to get a submission up as fast as possible. It's hastily made, but should be useful in prepping the data, shaping submission files, seeing how you can get a score for F1 even with low predicted probabilities...

I'll be working on a more thorough tutorial, but figured this was most useful if shared asap. Comment with your questions! And good luck all :)

The link: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1HjJhghj2b5JJnOFNTcojLfAicDf5QWWK

Super useful, thanks!

Heads up that the test data is dirty like a dodgy uncle (OK maybe not that dirty)