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train.csv on uber movement missing information
published 23 Oct 2019, 13:21

Hello, I would like to find out if the isAccident and isPedestrian columns are available on the train.csv file or I have to first find a way to build them into the file?

They are available in the file, and are based on the 'Cause' and 'Subcause' columns.

isAccident: train.Cause.isin(['Accident', 'Crash'])

isPedestrian: train.Subcause.isin(['With A Pedestrian'])

I think they're there mostly for convenience - for example if you wanted to see what percentage of incidents were accidents for a given segment. Hope that helps!


@Johnowhitaker using the Cause and Subcause columns helped in appending the 2 coloumns to the dataframe. Thank you