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About cameras types
published 13 Dec 2019, 18:53

What is the difference between CCTV, VDS, VMS, ESS and OS? I know that VDS cameras can catch vehicle with too hight speed, but what about other types?

  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is used by operations staff to visually identify incidents.
  • Vehicle Counting/Detector Stations (VDS) counts the number of cars that cross a certain point in one hour and records the average speed of the vehicles in that hour.
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) are used to provide information to the driving public.
  • ESS is Environemntal Sensor Station and OS is Operating System

Here is some information on these different sensors.

Thank you for information. Can you share locations of CCTV, VMS and ESS as well (now we have onlyt VDS locations)?

I found this info in VDS locations, there are multiple sheets (including CCTV, VMS, ESS)

thanks! but, unfortunately, there is no hourly data from this sensors (only VDS is provided)