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What is not an incident
published 14 Jan 2020, 06:37
edited 1 minute later

I recently downloaded the train.csv file for this competition, but the isAccident column described in the variable definitions is missing.

I also saw a discussion where it was said that 'standing vehicle' etc is an incident, the target just becomes a vector of 1s in that case.

My question: what is not an incident?

the train.csv data contains all the incidents so the target will become a vector of 1's. you are correct. one needs to create a df with of all possible combinations of dates and road_segments and then merge the train data on to this grid (see starter code). then you have a much much larger dataset of which only some of the observations (those that matched the original train) will have target = 1.

Ohhh. That makes sense. Thanks a lot!