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Considering the speed data
published 10 Dec 2020, 01:55

was wondering how can i map a 3M rows (speed data) to 6K rows (locations) in a reasonable time?

Hellooooow there friend i’m looking for team so we can do this stuff together

If you are referring to the speed data from Uber then I think one of the ways to try to merge them is to take the average for every three hours for each of the quarterly season. It may be demanding but I think it should work

i don't think looping over 3M rows is a good idea especially when it's a subset of another 6k loop

how did you map the osm way id to the segment id in the competition data?

i didn't, i only used this function to get the road names and ids https://zindi.africa/competitions/uber-nairobi-ambulance-perambulation-challenge/discussions/4276