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mapping segment_id in Uber Movement data to segment_id in Train.csv
published 17 Jan 2021, 01:51
edited 1 day later

How do we find which one segment_id in the Uber Movement data corresponds to the segment_id in Train.csv?

There's another similar discussion post, but I still don't quite understand (https://zindi.africa/competitions/uber-nairobi-ambulance-perambulation-challenge/discussions/4117). The post describes selecting the node id then inputting it, downloading the query, then opening it with overpass-turbo.

Is there a way to do this without manually checking each segment ID? Thanks for your help.

@kat, have a look at this thread. i hope it answers your query.


Hi, thanks for the reply!

It seems that this thread merges road_survey data with Train.csv but does not map segment_id from road_survey to OSM data. My question is how to map segment_id provided to Uber OSM ids?