UmojaHack South Africa: Yassir ETA Prediction Challengeby UmojaHack Africa
Can you predict the estimated time of arrival for Algerian ride hailing business Yassir?
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This is a private hackathon open to UmojaHack South Africa participants. If you are a university student in South Africa and would like to participate, contact Zindi Community Coordinator Paul Kennedy.

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Yassir rely on real-time data and machine learning algorithms to automate their services. Accurately predicting the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for Yassir trips will make Yassir’s services more reliable and attractive; this will have a direct and indirect impact on both customers and business partners. The solution would help the company save money and allocate more resources to other parts of the business.

The objective of this hackathon is to predict the estimated time of arrival at the dropoff point for a single Yassir journey.

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About YASSIR (

Established in 2017, Yassir is the leading ride-hailing company in Algeria. It covers all major Algerian cities and is expanding its services to Tunisia, Morocco and France. Besides ride-hailing services, Yassir is making customers’ lives easier by providing diversified services such as goods and food delivery as well as telemedicine.


This is a private hackathon open to UmojaHack South Africa participants. If you are a university student in South Africa and would like to participate, contact Zindi Community Coordinator Paul Kennedy.

Teams and collaboration

You may participate in this competition as an individual or in a team of up to four people. When creating a team, the team must have a total submission count less than or equal to the maximum allowable submissions as of the formation date. A team will be allowed the maximum number of submissions for the competition, minus the highest number of submissions among team members at team formation. Prizes are transferred only to the individual players or to the team leader.

Multiple accounts per user are not permitted, and neither is collaboration or membership across multiple teams. Individuals and their submissions originating from multiple accounts will be disqualified.

Code must not be shared privately outside of a team. Any code that is shared, must be made available to all competition participants through the platform. (i.e. on the discussion boards).

Datasets and packages

The solution must use publicly-available, open-source packages only.

You may use only the datasets provided for this competition. Automated machine learning tools such as automl are not permitted.

You may use pretrained models as long as they are openly available to everyone.

The data used in this competition is the sole property of Zindi and the competition host. You may not transmit, duplicate, publish, redistribute or otherwise provide or make available any competition data to any party not participating in the Competition (this includes uploading the data to any public site such as Kaggle or GitHub). You may upload, store and work with the data on any cloud platform such as Google Colab, AWS or similar, as long as 1) the data remains private and 2) doing so does not contravene Zindi’s rules of use.

You must notify Zindi immediately upon learning of any unauthorised transmission of or unauthorised access to the competition data, and work with Zindi to rectify any unauthorised transmission or access.

Your solution must not infringe the rights of any third party and you must be legally entitled to assign ownership of all rights of copyright in and to the winning solution code to Zindi.

Submissions and winning

You may make a maximum of 100 submissions per day. Your highest-scoring solution on the private leaderboard at the end of the competition will be the one by which you are judged.

Zindi maintains a public leaderboard and a private leaderboard for each competition. The Public Leaderboard includes approximately 50% of the test dataset. While the competition is open, the Public Leaderboard will rank the submitted solutions by the accuracy score they achieve. Upon close of the competition, the Private Leaderboard, which covers the other 50% of the test dataset, will be made public and will constitute the final ranking for the competition.

If your solution places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the final ranking, you will be required to submit your winning solution code to us for verification and you thereby agree to share all worldwide rights of copyright in and to such winning solution to Zindi.

You will have until 20:29 GMT on 25 July 2020 to submit your code for review. Submit your code to with subject line “UmojaHack South Africa position # - team name or username and university.” Regardless of any public announcement of winners, Zindi reserves the right to disqualify any user, team, or university on or even after 27 June 2020 if the code does not reproduce the winning submission.

You acknowledge and agree that Zindi may, without any obligation to do so, remove or disqualify an individual, team, or account if Zindi believes that such individual, team, or account is in violation of these rules. Entry into this competition constitutes your acceptance of these official competition rules.

  • Participants may compete individually or in teams of up to four people.
  • The teams will be judged based on their ranking on the dedicated Zindi leaderboard at the time of competition close.
  • All participants in the hackathon must be registered students (undergraduate or graduate) at the university they represent. Lecturers, University staff, and alumni may participate in a mentorship or advisory capacity.
  • Teams cannot collaborate or share information with each other.
  • All solutions must use machine learning, but teams are permitted and encouraged to use exploratory data analysis in building their solutions.
  • All solutions must use publicly-available, open-source packages only.
  • Solutions must use only the allowed and available datasets.
  • Participants caught cheating or breaking any competition rules will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
  • Universities caught cheating or allowing teams to cheat will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
  • The winning code must be submitted to Zindi for review and validation immediately at the close of the competition. In the interest of logistics, code review will take place only after the competition has closed and winners have been announced.

Zindi is committed to providing solutions of value to our clients and partners. To this end, we reserve the right to disqualify your submission on the grounds of usability or value. This includes but is not limited to the use of data leaks or any other practices that we deem to compromise the inherent value of your solution.

Zindi also reserves the right to disqualify you and/or your submissions from any competition if we believe that you violated the rules or violated the spirit of the competition or the platform in any other way. The disqualifications are irrespective of your position on the leaderboard and completely at the discretion of Zindi.

Please refer to the FAQs and Terms of Use for additional rules that may apply to this competition. We reserve the right to update these rules at any time.


The error metric for this competition is the Root Mean Squared Error.

Submissions should follow the sample submission format, with ‘ID’ in one column and predictions for ‘ETA’ in the other.

ID          ETA   
000V4BQX    173   
003WBC5J    1000   
004O4X3A    5930

In order to win, you must:

  • be a part of the UmojaHack South Africa event on 25 July 2020
  • be currently enrolled as a student at a South African university
  • have your affiliated university listed on your Zindi profile

The top three student teams will win bursaries sponsored by Amazon. There is also a cash prize sponsored by University of Cape Town (UCT) for the winning student or student team from a historically disadvantaged institution (HDI).

  • 1st student team prize: R16 000 in bursaries
  • 2nd student team prize: R14 000 in bursaries
  • 3rd student team prize: R10 000 in bursaries
  • UCT Prize for top HDI student team: R2000

In addition, the three universities to which the three winning teams belong will also win bursaries sponsored by Amazon. There is also a cash prize sponsored by UCT for the university of the top student or student team from an HDI .

  • 1st university prize: R50 000 in bursaries
  • 2nd university prize: R40 000 in bursaries
  • 3rd university prize: R30 000 in bursaries
  • UCT Prize for top HDI: R15 000

Important to note: Only one team from each university will be allowed to win a prize. If more than one team from one university places in the top three, only the top team will win a prize and their university will also win only the one prize. The remaining prizes will be awarded to the next top team/university.


Times in CAT

09:00 – 09:30 Welcome and orientation (live video conference using Zoom). Greetings from Zindi and AWS.

09:30 – 10:00 Technical orientation to the platform and the challenges (live video conference across all university locations using Zoom) by Thuso Simon of Cape Town Machine Learning

10:00 Competition opens (note that users can sign up for a competition and join teams before the time)

10:00 – 19:00 Students form teams and work on the challenge, questions and issues during this time can be addressed by local Zindi reps or via WhatsApp group

19:00 Submissions close

19:15 Announcement of local winners and prizes on Zoom