Wadhwani AI Bollworm Counting Challenge
Can you improve a pest control app by counting the number of bollworm moths per image?
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9 days to go
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Computer Vision
Are we supposed to upload the training code too?
Help · 15 Nov 2022, 13:12 · 0
If you are in the top 10 at the time the leaderboard closes, we will email you to request your code. On receipt of email, you will have 48 hours to respond and submit your code following the submission guidelines detailed below. Failure to respond will result in disqualification.
If your solution places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on the final leaderboard, you will be required to submit your winning solution code to us for verification, and you thereby agree to assign all worldwide rights of copyright in and to such winning solution to Zindi.

Is the size of the solution code subject to any restrictions?

And what exactly does "solution code" mean? Are we supposed to upload only the inference code and the model? Or do we also need to upload the training code that generates the model?

And if we need to upload the training code, the generated model from that notebook will not always produce the same score because of random augmentations applied to images during training and because of stochastic learning algorithms. I'm asking this because it is stated in the rules that the solution code should produce the same score on the leaderboard.

If your submitted code does not reproduce your score on the leaderboard, we reserve the right to adjust your rank to the score generated by the code you submitted.

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