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Result Submission Errors
Help · 28 Nov 2022, 04:18 · 4

When trying to submit results I am getting an error:

Missing entries for IDs id_a93adfa0157cd5ac1ca7484f_pbw, id_7f59ebfcaab2aee756f446f8_abw, id_f8996520d67490e41c00201a_pbw, id_734805c0c0a88308fb8bb443_abw, and id_a5b81fa866635da8abedcd36_abw

The numbers for the specified IDs are in the submitted file. For all of them.

I can not fugure out why I am getting the error.

I have tried to submit tab separated file, space separated, with/without headers, upper/lowcase, with/without spaces between the lines...

Any ideas?

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try csv

28 Nov 2022, 04:26
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all good now, thank you :)


2 Dec 2022, 06:06
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Hi Aslan,

the dots are remainings of .jpeg, you can't just do [-4].

Hey helenahm,

Aslan just posted a new comment in Result Submission Errors: How did you solve the problem? It seems to me that some of the entries in SampleSubmission.csv aren't in Test.csv. For example, id_f137f3e84696f11950fd0fe7. Or may be I should iterate through SampleSubmission.csv not Test.csv as I did