Zimnat Insurance Recommendation Challenge
$5,000 USD
Can you predict which insurance products existing clients will want next?
1490 data scientists enrolled, 614 on the leaderboard
Customer servicePredictionStructured
1 July—13 September
75 days
No one of the winners wants to share his/her work.
published 14 Sep 2020, 06:37

Hi. Waiting for the winners solutions. Good job.

I think we should calm down in waiting for their solution, most of them still have to tidy their code and also they have to wait for zindi to review and accept the code before they can share(1st - 3rd), if they want to, also the title of this discussion though...

You can found my solution(place 16) in github: https://github.com/berndAllmendinger/Zimnat-Insurance-Recommendation-Challenge

Thank you! Could you please share how you find optimal params? with tools like hyperopt or not?

No i do it manual in a greedy way. I always varied one parameter and fix all the others. For the parameter that I have varied I loop over different values and tested them via cv score. Tuning of the parameters improved my cv score a lot, so i invested a lot of time.

Thank you for the reply. Do you have your rules what to fix first etc?

No i have no rule. More or less random