Zimnat Insurance Recommendation Challenge
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Can you predict which insurance products existing clients will want next?
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1 July—13 September
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published 15 Sep 2020, 06:26
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please find my solution in github: https://github.com/berndAllmendinger/Zimnat-Insurance-Recommendation-Challenge.

it is a singel lightgbm model with few engenierd features

Very elegant solution. Feature engineering really good.

Very nice work, I must also underline the elegance of the approach. I am speechless, personally I have a lot of trouble with the LGBM model during the competition. And I am pleasantly surprised by the approach.

I like lightgbm - for me it is my working horse. It is verry fast compared to catboost and xgboost. At this competition i noticed that omitting features improves the cv score.Since lightgbm run very quickly, a loop over all features and run the cv without the feature. It als make parameter tuning simpler.

Have you tried another featurs combinations besides the branch_occupation_code?

Yes i tried a lot of featurs combinations but most of them worsened the cv value. The 2-way interactions of all products improved the cv value but the 3-way interactions did not bring any improvement.

For example, these features did also not improve my cv value:




hey how you thinks for new feature this is were i not get understanding

The easiest way with numerical features is always to multiply or subtract two or more features. If you have domain knowledge then you can do that in a more structure way. if you want learn more check this site (as a start point) : https://www.kdnuggets.com/tag/feature-engineering

thank you for sharing

Congrats and thanks for sharing. I somehow managed to finish the competion by using XGBOOST. Was able to submit only 1 solutionm, but learnt a lot. Was not aware about lightbm model. Thanks again for sharing.

Really good solution, especially interaction features. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.