Zimnat Insurance Recommendation Challenge
$5,000 USD
Can you predict which insurance products existing clients will want next?
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Customer servicePredictionStructured
1 July 2020—13 September 2020
75 days
Top-9 solution
published 15 Sep 2020, 20:32

You can find my solution in github: https://github.com/dead-mazai/Zimnat_Insurance_top-9

Don't judge me harshly, I'm just a second-year student)

Yes, I used Tikhon's notebook from discussions and worked on it. Before I tryed something like Tikhon, but not good, it's true

you worked hard, good job. nice ideas you had :)

Thank you a lot, I spent all my free time to do something)

a star goes to you repo :)

Thank you, bro, you are very kind:)

Good work @Romaz well done, Nice ideas

great work i really like the ideas

Please, star my repo, if you're realy enjoyed. It can helps me in feature)

Do you think there is anything you could have done better??

If you mean what I could do better, I think, my model not really good and for my preprocessing, this might reach top-1 with another easily