Zindi Design Your Profile Challenge
Can you conceptualise and design the perfect Zindi user profile?
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Profile design best practices
Help · 6 Jan 2023, 07:45 · 1

Hey there Zindians,

Here are some tips and examples for profile design:

  1. Keep it simple and clean: A simple and clean design will make it easier for users to navigate your profile and find the information they need. Avoid clutter and unnecessary elements that might distract from the main content.
  2. Use consistent design elements: Use consistent design elements, such as fonts, colors, and layout, throughout your profile to create a cohesive look and feel.
  3. Make it easy to update and edit: Users should be able to easily update and edit their profile information. Consider including an "edit" button or link that allows users to make changes to their profile.
  4. Don't forget who your target audience is and what benefits they can gain by using your design
  5. Remember to have fun and be creative.


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Thanks, Obsethed! I just submitted. I had fun doing this and added some new features. Hoping for the best.

7 Jan 2023, 12:43
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