Zindi Design Your Profile Challenge
Can you conceptualise and design the perfect Zindi user profile?
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Connect · 12 Jan 2023, 09:44 · 91

Dear all,

Thank you for your awesome submissions!

Our design team has gone through them and are thoroughly impressed!

Now it is your turn! You need to vote for your best submission by 19 January. You can vote by clicking the upvote button.

Please leave a comment with your opinions and favourite/most impactful feature!

Discussion 91 answers

Ian, your design is also amazing, I think you're losing votes just because of the long explanation.

Thanks Siwar :)

I agree that the explanations could've been incorporated better inside the design itself. It was an interesting challenge, because new features aren't always self-explanatory. Either way, it was fun to work on :)

Thanks for the feedback!

@Ebiendele submission - this is for recruiters

This one speaks to users

12 Jan 2023, 09:50
Upvotes 148

This design is very dope and eye catching, it shows every contents a recruiter need to see

True and also well communicative

I like it. Beautiful: It is simple, ergonomic, important information is visible.

Great job @Ebiendele

This is really amazing . Very detailed too .👍🏾Good job Ebiendele

This designs are amazing. Precise, simple, and I believe the user experience will be great when implemented.

this is eye catching, I love it!

What a wonderful design!

I love the design, its worth looking

@nyoike_kamande submission.

This is for users

This is for recruiters

12 Jan 2023, 09:55
Upvotes 136

Very straightforward design

Very impressive...

Keep up the good work.

You're one of those people with an energy that draws other people in. ...cool and very impressive

This was the main goal. #Not_too_much_noise. Minimalistic design

Great design Brian. Good job!

I love the design. Excellent job!

Great work Brian

This is awesome Brian..keep up.

Good job Brian.keep it

Professional and Creative individual

Highly recommended

Good job Brian👏👏👏

@Peru submission

12 Jan 2023, 09:57
Upvotes 143

Thank you!!!

This is lovely, Peru is super creative!

Owww that's amazing. Good job Peru

Waho, I like how creative she is. Well done Peru

This gotta be the nicest thing I've seen on this app. simply MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so beautiful! Nice work Peru!

Good Peru ! Keep on going !

I liked this design, it's more creative, clear and impressive💯. Good luck for everyone 🍀

Amazing work Clarice! Keep it up

Thank you!!!!!

Looks really beautiful and professional

I like the fact that the 'What Zindians see' part its user friendly. I'm looking forward to becoming a Zindian and seeing this design on the app.

I lovevthis design, it's very functional from a user perspective. I also like that you kept it in line with Zindi's current branding

Amazing design for an amazing App. Good Job Peru

Your design is creative, and simple for users, yet it has everything one would need and much more!!! I look forward to seeing it soon on the app. All the best

Beautiful, creative yet very functional and to the point. Excellent work as always

Clarice to the world!

This is really

awesome work Peru!

Congratulations sister

You are doing well

Impressive work as always,💯❣️❣️

@tatematika submission

User's view

Recruiter's view

12 Jan 2023, 10:00
Upvotes 24

Amazing work everyone 👍

13 Jan 2023, 05:57
Upvotes 3

Looks great!

13 Jan 2023, 11:44
Upvotes 0

Oh whao!! @amyflorida626 These are really impressive designs. Good luck to all

13 Jan 2023, 11:54
Upvotes 1

Hello @amyflorida626 , @Zindi i hope you are noticing accounts/bots created today just i assume to vote. Take Notice!!!!

13 Jan 2023, 17:08
Upvotes 3

I like the new design, thanks for your efforts 💯

You're one of those people with an energy that draws other people in. ...cool and impressive

13 Jan 2023, 20:54
Upvotes 1


20 Jan 2023, 08:36
Upvotes 0