Zindi New User Engagement Prediction Challenge
Can you predict if a new user will be active for 2 months in a row?
$5 000 USD
3 months to go
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Notebooks · 12 Nov 2022, 10:09 · 6

here is a link to a simple starter notebook with a public score of 0.305170239. But the lb isn't updating, i don't know why.

please upvote if you find it useful😊 and there might be some updates

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Thanks for sharing this - very useful!

Are we 100 % sure we only need to predict for people with a "created_month=5"?

For now yes but the data will be updated I think. Actually, all the users in the submission file created their accounts in month 4.

The idea is that given some users who created their accounts 2-6 months before and their activities after and new users who created their accounts this month, will they be engaged the next month?

Thanks, man! It is real help. I've spent a while, just trying to understand, what to start from!

Thanks for your initiative. It will be even more usefull, if you try to use the other tables as well, as the "UserActivity" file doesn't add much. At one point, I wanted to know the cost of each table, so when I used all the tables, I got a score of 0.427, then by eliminating the UserActivity features, I got 0.417, which means that this table will adjust the score with only 0.01...

The most valuable tables are CompetitionParticipation, Discussion, Comments.

Thanks too,

Oww really nice, i'll try them thanks again🙏