Zindi New User Engagement Prediction Challenge
Can you predict if a new user will be active for 2 months in a row?
$5 000 USD
17 days to go
433 active · 1090 enrolled
test data not present
Data · 10 Jan 2023, 12:28 · 2

around 500 user_id's data is not present in any csv files except users.csv.

Due to this no test data and features can be presented to predict this users's engagement.

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True. I saw around 600 which is almost half. That realy affects the performance of the algos. Looks like it was intentiona, but why???

10 Jan 2023, 16:59
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@Sorous @JuliusFx

You can view this challenge more of as a forecasting challenge. So the ~500 users in the user file are the users you need to "forecast" for and submit. You will find those ~500 users in the sample submission file.

13 Jan 2023, 10:00
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