Zindi New User Engagement Prediction Challenge
Can you predict if a new user will be active for 2 months in a row?
$5 000 USD
Ended ~1 month ago
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Final leaderboard
Connect · 6 Mar 2023, 08:16 · 5

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed all the solutions submitted.

We have taken extra care in code review to ensure that prizes are awarded only to solutions that are free of any submission file manipulations.

Every line of code of the top solutions was checked and run to ensure that the solutions were free from any manipulations and that the solutions produced the expected results.

Some users in the top 10 have been disqualified due to submission file manipulation.

The top 4 scores have been adjusted so they are at the top of the leaderboard ensuring they and everyone else receive the correct rank and points.

Places have been adjusted accordingly and the leaderboard sealed.

PS Did you know? You can now download a certificate for this challenge! Look at the leaderboard of any closed challenge to get your certificate. Don't forget to share it on socials!

Discussion 5 answers

Doesn't look like the error in score calculation was fixed, so it seems likely people at the top are inadvertantly cheating.

Such a shame that this is the case - since it was one line of code to fix the error and people who won do not necessarily deserve the prize.

6 Mar 2023, 08:50
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I am also very disappointed @FC

Can you confirm that for all competitors that each instance only appeared once in the test submission?

It really wasn't very hard to fix the calculation and I don't have confidence that it was fixed.

6 Mar 2023, 08:51
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Thank you Zindi for the opportunities you give us through your platform.

Thank you for the correction

Thank you for the certificate

Congrats to the winners!

6 Mar 2023, 09:57
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it's not a thing you can fix after the end of the competion, we ware submitting/testing on something wrong, the LB doesn't reflect our solutions. In any case, I am happy for the winners, but not at all for the solution they come up with

6 Mar 2023, 20:41
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