Zindi New User Engagement Prediction Challenge
Can you predict if a new user will be active for 2 months in a row?
$5 000 USD
Ended ~1 month ago
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Notebooks · 7 Mar 2023, 20:27 · 2

I have participated in many competitions but to be honest this was a tough one. First I want to thank @JONNY for the starter notebook , I am pretty sure most of us could not have been in the leaderboard if it was not for him, Our unsung hero :).

Honestly, I still don't get it how guys got >0.50 with no duplicates, and even after review , guys have >0.80, okay thats amazing. You guys should post your solutions so that we might learn from you.

Attached is my code solution, this should get you to top 15 and I bet top 10 if you ensemble but it wont get you to 0.80 haha

And btw you guys can try to improve it, In some parts I don't have the most efficient code , for example the first part where I have a list of users , I was lazy to automate that but you can try that, and maybe more features can be added. Anyone with a question can ask as a comment to this discussion and I will try to answer. Happy zinding everyone and I hope 'us' the students are preparing for Umoja Hack.


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This is selfless. Thank you for sharing

8 Mar 2023, 04:27
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Combined efforts from myself and my great brother @100i from Ghana.

12th place solution:

Four(4) MODELS in a single Notebook - ENSEMBLE SCORE - 0.48288 on Private LB.


Cheers !!!!!!!!!

8 Mar 2023, 06:52
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