Laduma Analytics Football League Winners Prediction Challengeby #ZindiWeekendz
Can you predict the outcome of a football match based on historical data?
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Features not to use
Data · 3 Jun 2022, 16:09 · edited 4 days later · 4

Please do not use the features "Goals_scored", "Goals conceded" and "Action".

If you use these features you will be disqualified during code review. If you would like a submission removed please message me, amyflorida626, and I will remove your submission.

Thank you for your patience and happy hacking!

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+1 Kindly remove my submission.

Also, in the "Action" column too, there are Goals and Goals conceded as attribute values. Kindly disallow the usage of that as well. Thanks!

3 Jun 2022, 16:20
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By not using them means you cant even create new features from them?

Correct, please drop them from your databases after reading them in.

'Next Action' is no exception right?

3 Jun 2022, 17:13
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