Sharing Codes.
published 10 Jan 2019, 07:58

Hi everyone,

I am a pudding python user and would like to grow to an expert python programmer espessially in the field of data science. I am requesting that, if possible, a platform be made availabe for sharing of at least top five best codes for previous competitions. I find it great to practice my phyton skills on the previous and current competitions on this platform and would very much appereciate going through someone's code to improve on mine. Kindly someone email me their code to kiplimocornelius@gmail.com on:

1. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Text Classification Challenge

2. Social Media Prediction Challenge

3. Busara Mental Health Prediction Challenge

Thank you.

Good Idea, if you don't mind kindly put me in cc : salomon@aims.ac.za

jennykathambi90@gmail.com share with me oto

@Ksalomon and @jennykathambi I will the moment I get.

If you don’t mind, add me the list. delesafatobi@gmail.com

Hie,Kindly add me as well:welcome545264@gmail.com

Hi. Thanks for this interest and request, everyone! We completely agree there is a lot of value in sharing code and learning from the most successful models.

However, we are generally not able to share the code from the top 3 solutions for competitions that closed, as that IP belongs to the organization that hosts the competition (offers the data and the prizes). But this will be on a case by case basis, as some hosts will want share.

All Zindians are free to share their code for solutions that do not land in the top 3. We are looking into creating a GitHub account for Zindi as well.

Thank you very much Zindi for your feedback.

We would really be glad to have a Zindi GitHub that will allow us share codes. But in the mean time, can someone who participated in the above-mentioned competitions and ranked below three but in top ten share me their code please. It will help a lot in the learning process.

I will appreciate it.

Thank you.

Add me too kiprono@aims.az.ca