More or less functional wells in Tanzania - Exploratory data analysis
Notebooks · 10 May 2022, 07:33 · 3

Analyzing the sample under examination, we want to observe which variables are related to the fact that the wells are more or less functional. First we look at some numeric variables to status_group (functional, functional needs repair, non functional) and then the categorical variables to status_group:

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That looks interesting, after predicting the regions with most non functional wells can our data speculate the reason?

I think that from an observational study it is not possible to establish causal relationships but by analyzing the categorical variables of the sample with respect to the variable status_group (functional, functional needs repair, non functional) i highlight the values for which the wells prevail not functional. At the end of the notebook are listed.

Thank you so much for the answer, it is true a causal relationship is far from reachable with only observational data. last question, what kind of biases do you think might have been introduced in this pool of data especially when categorizing them?