Chart of the week - 25 May 2022
Connect · 25 May 2022, 08:13 · 4

Hello Zindians and Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to Chart of the Week. We’ll be publishing charts weekly to discuss data, trends and visualisation principles. This chart shows the fastest growing and fastest declining occupations, using data from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics.

  1. Is a bubble chart appropriate? What other chart types could we have used?
  2. How can we deal with grouped/overlapping data on a chart like this?
  3. Is there an occupation you expected to see here but didn’t?
  4. Do you think we’ll see similar trends in African countries?

Message amyflorida626 if you would like to share a chart of the week via Zindi.

Discussion 4 answers

An interesting insight. I believe trending occupations would change over time as we have access to new distruptive technologies and change in user behaviour.

1. The bubble chart is approiate in squeezing all the information in one graph but it doesnt have great resolution within a single group i.e Fastest Declining occupations, Other choices would be bar graphs or a box plot.

2. I would use a repell function to get the numbers outside of the bubbles or use a heat map instead of numbers of map and keys.

3. I expected something to deal with virtual reality

4. I think we will have almost opposite trends in Africa, we are still growing and the most importatnt jobs we have are actually those that are declining elsewhere.