Chart of the Week - 1 June 2022
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Happy Wednesday!

This week we’re looking at internet penetration in Africa’s 20 most populous countries.

The data comes from Internet World Stats

  1. Does the position of any country surprise you?
  2. Do you find adding reference lines to plots useful?
  3. What would you have done differently in this plot?
  4. What do you think are the main contributors to internet penetration?

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Discussion 3 answers

Ethiopia's population is really large, but unfortunately the internet population is quite low. Unfortunate 💔..

I think there is a positive correlation between a countries economic performance and it's GDP. Is this assumption correct?

I would assume so but it would be interesting to see the numbers...

Here is a link to GDP in Africa, if you have time to graph the correlation that would be awesome! You can drag and drop your chart into a discussion so we can chat more.

I wonder what else contributes?

@Kanyanta we looked into the correlation and there isn't a strong one. Interesting huh?

You can view the chart here -