Best School to Study Data Science and Analytics
published 20 Feb 2019, 16:30

Hello, does anyone have suggestions on the best school to study masters in data science and analytics? If you have, please share

You can follow this link.


Check out https://www.explore-datascience.net/

If in Nairobi.You can learn Python for data analysis from a bootcamp held in town every month follow link https://techcamp.co.ke/

Thank you guys for the suggestions. They are all helpful.

Hello Faddaola, I think there are some factors to consider in order to determine what 'best' is like your budget, your past grades, area you want to specialize in, how long you want it to be(some universities offer it for 1 others 2 years). My take would be Stanford University if you can afford and if your previous grades can take you there, All the people who are shaping and pushing the field up are there. If you were in Uganda i would recommend Makerere University though they focus on computer vision only, its very cheap for both citizens and non citizens but last 2 years and the only downside is the they always have a lot of student strikes

Hello faddaola. This just started getting built out, but the purpose is that you can come to http://alliance4ai.org/communities/ and find a community near you to guide you to where you can learn within your means. Until you find that community, you can start learning here http://alliance4ai.org/learn/. Feel free to add communities not listed so others can benefit