Chart of the Week - 20 July 2022
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Happy Wednesday!

This Chart of the Week is based on information from UNESCO (via World Bank) on Education spending as a share of total government expenditure. The relevant data and sources can be found at Ourworldindata.

The table below the chart shows the rankings of the relevant countries in 2020. The data can be found at

We notice that the spending on education (as a share of total government spending) for the two African countries is a lot higher than for the first-world countries, but that hasn’t resulted in a higher ranking of those countries.

Do you think that the reason for the African countries lagging behind is because of:

  • an ineffective teaching methodology
  • lower rates of tax collection
  • corruption in the education departments
  • differences in GDP of those countries

Or do you think there are other reasons or a combination of reasons for this?

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