Chart of the Week: Global malnutrition at its lowest point in 30 years… but is it really?
Connect · 17 Aug 2022, 15:11 · 0

Happy (or more like concerned) Wednesday!

This week we are looking at deaths from malnutrition by age. The data and chart are from Our Word in Data.

This chart shows that total deaths due to malnutrition are declining, however, this data is only until 2019.

In Kenya, over the last year, a basket of 6 items [maize, kale, onions, tomatoes, cooking oil, kerosene] has increased by 20%. Nigeria is ranked 12th in the world for highest inflation rate at 16.95% for 2021.

  • Are we going to see this graph change direction and increase over time?
  • Are the above statistics taken in or out of context and will it be okay?
  • If you had to forecast malnutrition deaths, what features would you want to take into account?
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