Difference between Competitions and Hackathons?
published 19 May 2020, 15:57

I'm new to zindi.africa, what is the difference between Competitions and Hackathons? Do closed hackathons become competitions?

For now you can think of hackathons as short term competitions like weekend ones, or competitions having a restricted access. Whereas the competitions page has competitions which are long term, like 2 months or more.

Sometimes, hackathons can be organized for certain set of people, for instance, bootcamp participants, those from a particular country etc. Competitions are open to all data scientists on Zindi.

Hackathon is restricted while Competitions is open to all.

Thanks for posing the question....

Hackathon is used to describe an event where programmers collaborate to solve a particular problem while a competition is an event where individual contest for a prize.

Hackathon is solution centric and collaborative while competition is prize centric and individualistc.

Although these words are always used interchangeably or as different nomenclature given to different event, they differs in approach and intent.