Competitions Code of Conduct
published 22 May 2020, 13:07
edited ~4 hours later

Hello fellow zindians,

As the competitions keep coming and our @zindi community growing, there is a growing tendency of PUBLICLY accusing other competitors of cheating in the various competition discussion forums which I personally feel will negatively imapact the smoothness and fun of competitions in the future (it already is by the way).

As a result, I suggest that this public shaming should stop. Instead,

  • If you're suspicious that a team or individual competitor is cheating, PRIVATELY email zindi to report the issue rather than do it publicly. Your suspicions may be wrong and the competitor innocent. This way you preserve the dignity of your fellow competitors/data scientists.

This is my personal opinion, I hope all of you can share your views on this matter.

This is a good one @Stephen_


i agree

In complete agreement, we are here to learn, not to offend each other. We are a community!

Hope @zindi can also step in and help enforce harmonious discussions. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts/siding with my suggestion.