Pro Tip #4: Why are competitions important for your career
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Why competitions are important for my career?

Ever wondered how you compare with others in your field? Or are you just not sure what’s the best way to grow your skill set? Why not try competitions!

Whether you’ve started down a new career path or you just want to polish your skills, competitions are one of the most effective ways to not only develop your technical but also soft skills and further your career goals.

Interesting, just how are competitions helpful for my career as a data scientist?

Well, competitions on Zindi are usually made up of real-world challenges similar to ones you’d face on your data science journey. Whether you’re new to the field or you’re a more seasoned practitioner, competitions offer the opportunity to not only compare your skill set to others but also gain experience much like you would working directly with stakeholders from various industries in the field.

Whoa! Does that mean I can add competitions on my resume/CV?

Precisely, and on Zindi you get to do more than just improve on your resume! A Zindi profile not only helps other members identify you on the platform but also gives potential employers and recruiters, both on and off the platform, insight into your accomplishments and the experience you’ve garnered while on your journey through data science. Your profile is therefore your very own digital footprint to help you stand out and gain recognition with just a mere online search! Read how Eloquent Data was started from a hackthon on Zindi here.

That’s awesome! But how does it all help with my soft skills?

Zindi, on top of being a data science platform, is a community, and the most effective way to benefit from Zindi is by engaging with members in it. Beyond carrying out analyses and building models for competitions, you have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow data scientists by competing in teams, and more generally by sharing insights through discussions.

Moreover, should you or your team win a competition, you will have the unique opportunity to hone your presentation skills by preparing your solution and ensuring it is interpretable by all who review it. This also gives you an inside look on how data science solutions are implemented and how best to design solutions that integrate well with existing workflows.

Let us know how Zindi has helped your career.

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