Updated Rules
published 24 Jun 2019, 14:02

Dear Zindians,

At Zindi, our competitions are hosted in the spirit of offering opportunities for data scientists to build and showcase their skills and for organizations to acquire unique solutions to their challenges. Our Terms of Use and Rules are provided in this spirit and are designed to ensure that all participants have equal and fair opportunity on the Zindi platform.

To ensure a fair environment we have updated all the competition rules.

The following clause has been added:

"You acknowledge and agree that Zindi may, without any obligation to do so, remove or disqualify an individual, team, or account if Zindi believes that such individual, team, or account is in violation of these Rules."

All feedback, comments, and any further communication in this regard can be directed to zindi@zindi.africa.

Let’s work together to build a platform of which we can all be proud.

- the Zindi team

This is really important and it's good it's coming now as we continue to build AI-capacity in Africa. You are doing a great job. Well-done 👍

please to be clear what rule(s) are you referring to???

i don't see any cheating or unequal opportunity, discovery hidden patterns and maximizing data leakage is not cheating, if the data is well clean and structure the right way, data leakage won't exist or minima if at all it exist.. in reference to xente competition, i mention some of these flaws but no one consider it bad until now. account id,customer id,subscription id all leaking into the test data , duplicated rows with same data property with amount and values the difference , spliting data by date and time only. no way it ends well for xente just as i told mohammed few weeks ago.

Hi Holar,

We are referring to these rules:

"Multiple accounts per user are not allowed and neither is collaboration nor membership across multiple teams.

Code must not be shared privately. Any code that is shared, must be made available to all competition participants through the platform."

cool...thanks for clarity.