PLATFORM UPDATES: Changes to points and submissions on Zindi
Platform · 18 Mar 2021, 12:44 · 1

Hello Zindians!

We’re really excited to be rolling out some changes to how the platform works, as always working to make this a better place for all of you to learn, compete, and grow as data scientists. In this post, I’ll share the changes we’ve made and talk a little bit about why we have made them. Please feel free to comment below telling us what you think, or ask any questions you have!

1. Submission selection

Our first major change is to allow you more control over which submissions you are evaluated on in each challenge. For all current and future competitions, you get to decide on your two best submissions, which you can select on the competition submission page.

If you don’t make a selection by the time the competition closes, we will evaluate you on your two highest-scoring public leaderboard submissions. Please note that this change is in effect immediately, meaning that it applies to current competitions.

2. Points update

We are changing the way we give out points for each competition, to make sure that you get rewarded for all your hard work, even if you don’t place in the top 10. As of 18 March 2021, participation in any points or prize competition will be rewarded, based on the following function (note that all members of a team will receive the same number of points).

We are also introducing minimum point thresholds for points and prize competitions, and awards for making your first submission on a competition, as follows:

Prize competitions

  • 5 points for first submission
  • Minimum 25 points for making a non-sample submission

Points competitions

  • 25 points for first submission
  • Minimum 50 points for making a non-sample submission

Knowledge competitions

  • 25 points for first submission
  • 50 points for first non-sample submission

3. Points decay

The last major change we are making is that points on Zindi will be subject to a decay function. We will apply two different decay functions, one for all points accrued before 18 March 2021, and a different function for points awarded on or after 18 March 2021. We are doing this to make sure that the leaderboards stay fresh and relevant, and to reward those data scientists working hard to climb the ladder.

Points awarded before 18 March 2021 will be subject to the following decay function, where t = number of days since 18 March 2021.

Points awarded on or after 18 March 2021 will be subject to the following decay function, where t = number of days since the points were awarded.

This second function is based on the number l33t (a gaming term) multiplied by the number of days in a year (488 = 1.337 x 365). As per the above functions, points accumulated today will depreciate according to this function.

For example: if you had 10000 points on 18 March 2021, by 1 December 2021 you would have 4945 points if you accumulated no further points. If you had received another 1000 points on 1 June 2021, you would have 5633 points instead.

I’m sure some of you are now worrying about your place on the leaderboard, but don’t worry. We’ll make sure your highest rank is always visible on your public profile.

We are always working to make Zindi a better place to learn data science and compete against the best, so these are not the only changes you can expect to see. If you have any comments or ideas to improve the platform we’d love to hear from you; otherwise keep learning and winning, and keep an eye out for more updates in the next weeks and months.


Paul and the Zindi team

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