Financial Inclusion from 1st to 15th! ( First competition ever ).
published 16 Sep 2019, 00:37

Financial Inclusion just ended. Congrats to the winners, it was fun. I learned a lot from this competition as in if your lb keeps improving while your cv doesn't move , something's not right. See you guys this friday!

Hi when will the result come? I haven’t received any mail yet.

You the Man Bruv, you really did awesome, congratulations to the winners @blenz pass your email address if you don't mind.

result got out for 2 hours, and then it got extended for one more day. It ends today

No. I am asking that when will the result for selected people at AI hack Tunisia will come?? I didn’t got any acceptance mail till now.

Anyone who has submitted at least one time to the pre-competition is automatically selected for the AI-HACK. Send an email to the competition's mail address with the specifics maybe.

Thank you so much for answering.

but may I know if anyone from India had been selected?

Also I have submitted furst submission after 6th September.

Timing doesn't matter. Even if you submit today, you're still selected as they have extended for one more day. Send an email with the specifics of your case ( From where you're coming and other details ) and they'll respond to you