How to determine whether to sign a capitation contract.
published 18 Nov 2019, 14:14
edited 4 minutes later

Hello everyone.

Given a set of data, how do you calculate capitation fee for a physicians in order to determine whether they should sign a capitation deal? I have a data set but am not certain about the theory behind it.

Kindly assist.


Oscar Robert.

Hi Oscar

Is this a Zindi challenge? Sounds interesting.

I would suggest a threshold perhaps? I.e. given the costs of treating patients, at what point is it more lucrative to charge a set fee for a unlimited number of patients (capitation). It would be a trade-off between number of patients and the average cost of treating someone. If a clinic is really busy with lots of patients, the medical practice would start "losing money" under capitation.



No. Its not a Zindi challenge. I am in need of assistance in working this problem.