data science career path
published 20 Nov 2019, 06:19

am aspiring to become a data scientist,currently am persuing bsc computer science..kindly advice on the best way to go about this,currently am taking online course on python to help me dive into this field effectivley.my concern majorly is should use books only to become an effective data scientist or include tutorials in my studies too,any advice form you wilol be beneficial and also r

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Hello Kazungu. Glad you are interested in Data science. In my interview below, I gave some useful tips for beginners. Watch it and post any follow up questions.



To become an effective data scientist you will definitely need all the knowledge and skills you can get. You will acquire this from books, online courses, pdfs, articles and online challenge platforms such as kaggle and zindi.

if you can't afford a Bootcamp, free online courses are a great way to start.

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Career path? Ensure that your BSc is statistics and mathematics heavy, and consider post-graduate studies in a related field. While there are many short courses one can do, it is harder to get into the field if you do not have a strong tertiary background in data science, or a related field like statistics and maths.

Should you use books only? No. Books are great for more in-depth domain knowledge, but tutorials will give you a quick and dirty introduction to a particular topic. I use tutorials to gather code snippets and notebooks that I keep track of on my github account. This is also one way to build your portfolio, which in addition to a strong tertiary background will help in your career path. Also try DataCamp, some Udemy courses and DataQuest. They are not free, but they do have free content. For free tutorials, try Towards Data Science.

Also R? Yes, also R. Why not?

(They are not free but they do have free content)


Where can I find these free online courses?

Yes, for example you can do some of the courses on DataCamp for free. But to access everything, you need a description.

Also, DataQuest and Edx have plenty of materials on Data Science and Machine Learning